Monday 09 October 2017 - 17.30

Date: Monday 9 October 2017
Time: 17.30 - 20.30
Venue: 3/F, British Council, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty
Enquiries: Call 2913 5100 or e-mail

Interested in science of living things, or Biological Science in general? Want to turn it into a career?

This event is an opportunity for students, parents and school counsellors to learn about career paths in Biological Science, and which university courses can get you there. Academics from leading UK universities and working professionals will discuss career options, their experiences, and answer your questions, such as:

• Which careers are available related to Biological Science?
• What transferable skills will studying Biological Science give me?
• What do different jobs involve?
• How should I prepare for a Science career?
• Which skills and personal qualities do I need?

Speakers will address the following topics, culminating in a panel discussion and Q&A:

• Neuroscience - what it involves and related careers
• Applied Biology - applying knowledge to solve practical problems
• Genetics, plant sciences and developmental biology - deciding exactly what to study
• How transferable skills from studying Science can lead to a wide range of careers

This event will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss what career fields might be right for you, and which higher education courses will get you there.

To be conducted in English.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Participating universities

University of Dundee

University of Leeds

University of Manchester

University of Plymouth