Tuesday 21 February 2017

Winners of Study UK Alumni Awards in Hong Kong announced

21 February 2017 (Hong Kong) - The winners of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2017 in Hong Kong were announced at a ceremony dinner hosted on 16 February 2017 at the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong by Chris Rawlings, Director, British Council, Hong Kong.  

Tse Ming Chong was awarded the Professional Achievement Award, Samuel Chan was awarded the Entrepreneurial Award and Dr Yanki Lee was awarded the Social Impact Award at a prestigious ceremony. The awards were organised by the British Council in Hong Kong with support of the British Consulate General Hong Kong, the Lord Mayor of London and Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE, Global Ambassador of the Awards. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Chris Rawlings, Director, British Council, Hong Kong said, “It’s a pleasure to celebrate the success of some very talented people,  future leaders in their fields who, thanks to their experience of studying in the UK, have gone on to achieve great things. Our finalists are testament to how a British education enables people to develop their knowledge and skills; gives them the freedom to be creative; provides support to help them achieve their best; and gives them a broader, more international view of the world.”

Legendary shoe designer and UK alumnus Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE, is Global Ambassador of the Alumni Awards. 

He said: "I’m delighted to support the Alumni Awards 2017 as Global Ambassador. Studying in the UK was an experience that changed my life and contributed to my success today. It is an honour to be supporting today’s recent outstanding UK university alumni by sharing their success stories and positive impact on the world."

At the awards ceremony in Hong Kong, all finalists of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2017 said their UK education was transformational, expanding their vision and equipping them with the skills that are crucial to their success and careers.

Tse Ming Chong, recipient of the Professional Achievement Award, said that Goldsmiths College, University of London, inspired him with ideas on how influential images can affect society, and so encouraged him to devote himself to photography education in Hong Kong.

He said: “That year of study (in Goldsmiths College, University of London) opens my eyes and let me know how powerful images are. Images can shape our values and behaviours. I want to thank all the tutors and lecturers in Goldsmiths.”

Ming Chong is now developing a Visual Journalism programme for the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) in response to the changing media landscape in Hong Kong.

Dr Yanki Lee, recipient of the Social Impact Award, says that the exposure to UK design policy from the Royal College of Art helped her to re-frame her career from within a social perspective. Developing creative tactics to involve senior citizens, she believes design can transform our lives for the better.  

Dr Lee said British education has brought her a new identity and inspired her. “I want to look at how design as a discipline can contribute to social development. From my (professional) practice, it’s not about ‘how’. It’s actually about ‘why’, but more so, it is to challenge ‘why not’.”

Dr. Lee is now applying Action Research and Design Methodology to conduct research that focuses on empowering citizens to confront and solve real-life issues, collectively making Hong Kong a more inclusive society for our future.

The Entrepreneurial Award recipient was Samuel Chan. As a leading educationalist, columnist and consultant in Hong Kong, he helps bring transparency to the UK school placement sector and standardise UK independent school applications through the introduction of the testing system, UKiset, to Hong Kong.

Samuel values the culture of mutual respect he took from the University of Warwick and the University of Nottingham as a significant factor in his success to date. It gave him exposure to equality, teamwork and the sharing of ideas.

“After attending a summer camp in the UK, I went to study boarding school in Britain and never looked back.” Samuel was grateful for being selected as the Award recipient. “On a personal note, the award is truly amazing because it is recognised by the University of Warwick and the University of Nottingham.”

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