Monday 14 January 2013


Control your learning progress with flexible selection of class schedule, topic and teacher

You might have come across these situations – you were unable to attend a lesson from a short course or development programme due to an unexpected incident. Worse still, the class could not be rescheduled, you had no alternative but to skip it; even if the class schedule fits you, the fixed course contents / topics may not arouse your learning interest.  If you want to improve your oral English skills yet stay in control of your learning progress, why not register for the brand new adult English course “myClass” recently launched by the British Council?

myClass is a new adult English course for English learners of pre-intermediate to intermediate levels to develop their English skills flexibly. Students can select the date and time of each lesson according to their preference and schedule, without worrying about missing a lesson due to an unexpected incident. There are 36 themes in the course, offering a total of 144 lessons which focus on authentic everyday English with real life topics like travelling, shopping, meeting and going to restaurant, etc. This allows students to choose the lessons that best suit their interests, and improve their speaking and listening skills through practical language tasks and online language exercises.

The selection of class date, time, topic and even teacher can be done online and can be changed up to 24 hours before the lesson begins. This highly flexible and convenient way of study caters to the English learning needs of busy urbanites. What’s more, there is a range of course packages for students to choose from according to their budget and language needs. The more lessons they buy, the less average cost per lesson they pay!  

myClass lessons are delivered 100% face-to-face by the British Council’s experienced and professional teachers. They all have native speaker proficiency, a university degree, an internationally recognised qualification in teaching English and extensive teaching experience in Hong Kong and all around the world. Through face-to-face teaching, teachers can monitor the student’s learning progress regularly and give him/her one-to-one feedback and learning advice. Upon completion of the course, students can arrange one-to-one counselling with the teacher to further understand his/her strengths and room for improvement in English.

For details of myClass, please contact our Customer Services staff at 2913 5100.

About the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We work in over 100 countries worldwide. Established in Hong Kong in 1948, the British Council strives to connect the UK with the rest of the world through education, arts, science, governance and much more.  In 2011-12, we delivered 227 Arts, Education and Science events and provided extensive English language support with online learning, excellent English teaching and examination services;46,653 students took exams with us; and 22,309 learners were engaged inEnglish learning services.