Wednesday 06 March 2013


Over 4,800 students from 18 secondary schools learn about marine life sustainability

The number of sharks has decreased drastically over the years.  The number of sharks and related species considered threatened has soared from 15 species in 1996 to over 180 species in 2010.  Accounting for about 50 per cent of the global shark fin trade each year, Hong Kong bears unshakable responsibility for causing this problem.  Although many newly married couples proactively remove shark-fin dishes from the menu of wedding banquets in recent years, would this solve the problems the marine ecosystem is facing nowadays?

Besides sharks, species like bluefin tuna and humphead wrasse have become endangered due to over-fishing; trawling has brought detrimental damage to the seabed, not to mention coral bleaching caused by water pollution.  All these have resulted in an unbalanced marine ecosystem, and human beings will eventually be affected.  As such, to maintain a sustainable development of marine life is of paramount importance.

The British Council, supported by WWF-Hong Kong, the Education Bureau and Theatre Noir, is organising “Mr. Shark’s Coral Café” School Tour Show as part of the “My Earth Project” to arouse students’ awareness to the above issues.  With the theme “Sustainable Marine Life Development”, the drama show will tour around 18 secondary schools from 28 February to 28 March 2013 to promote conservation to over 4,800 secondary 1 to secondary 6 students.

Sophia Chan-Combrink, Head of Education and Society of the British Council, said, “The ocean, with its finite resources, was the first place where the effects of climate change first became apparent.  The British Council hopes the school tour show will educate youth about how closely humans are related to environmental issues and provide them with practical solutions to ecological problems”

Nicole Wong, Education, Director of WWF-Hong Kong said, “We are glad to co-operate with the British Council on this meaningful education programme.  We believe education from a young age will help the next generation to live sustainably and reduce ecological footprints.”

“Mr. Shark’s Coral Café” School Tour Show will be delivered by performers from Theatre Noir.  Through lively drama and after-show audience participation, we hope students will understand the ecological crisis facing the marine life due to excessive fishing and the importance of coral reefs, as well as the food chain and human relations.  The drama also enhances students’ awareness of their responsibility for conserving, protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment.

Notes to Editor

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WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, with a network active in more than 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through Conservation, Footprint and Education programmes. For more information, please

2.    About Theatre Noir

Theatre Noir has a team of professionally-trained theatre practitioners, drama educators and arts administrators. The team has implemented a series of educational programmes in over 200 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, including teachers’ professional training, school-based curriculum development, co-curricular activities, drama performances and musical productions. Apart fromteaching,Theatre Noir has also produced 4 original English plays for school-touring performances, including True Man Show: Cinder-Ella, Blue Blood, With Love, William Shakespeare, and Arabian Nights, to bring the theatre into schools.

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The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We work in over 100 countries worldwide. Established in Hong Kong in 1948, the British Council strives to connect the UK with the rest of the world through partnerships in areas such as education, the arts, and science.  In 2011-12, we delivered 227 Arts, Education and Science events and provided extensive English language support with online learning, excellent English teaching and examination services; 46,653 students took exams with us; and 22,309 learners were engaged in English learning services.