**To support efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you can now choose to take our English level test at home or at our English Language Centre. When making your online booking, you are still required to pick a centre for the test. After completing the booking, we will contact you to confirm where you would like to take the test.** 

Secondary Plus will help you to succeed at school, prepare for local and international exams and to get ready for university. Our Secondary Plus courses for S1–S4 students focus on developing authentic English and will equip you with skills that you can use in local or external exams and also the world beyond the classroom.

From projects to presentations, the future begins here.

Secondary Plus goes much further than a typical English language course. Through research, presentation and collaboration, you will gain a vital set of skills – and the confidence to use them. You will:

  • be exposed to rich and meaningful real-world language use 
  • carry out engaging and relevant tasks 
  • enjoy dynamic lessons on real-life topics that will prepare you for a global world. 

These courses will improve your understanding of the lives and cultures of others and how these compare with your own (an important part of building multiple perspectives). They will also develop your citizenship, critical-thinking and leadership skills."

The English language course built around you

Academic and exam skills are integrated into each module. Real world topics and language skills are matched with local school curricula and the demands of school exams. You will:

  • gain confidence in speaking English through activities such as presentations, fun debates, vlogging and interviews
  • practice the skills and strategies you need for success in school exams
  • develop life skills such as collaboration and leadership to help you succeed in the future whilst having lots of fun along the way.

You will use online and in-class activities to develop and revise your language skills and follow a curriculum that supports personal growth by treating you as an individual.

These courses involve online research and independent pre-lesson preparation in order to maximise time for learning and interaction in class. You will regularly receive personalised written and oral feedback from teachers on your performance and development. Online activities provide grammar, reading and listening practice activities that will enable you to consolidate and extend your learning.

Supported by your friends. Guided by your teachers

Everyone is welcome on Secondary Plus. It is an open, relaxed classroom environment, where you are seen as an equal. You will work alongside others, develop projects, and solve problems. Improve your leadership and digital skills while learning English.

The opportunities are endless

When you learn with Secondary Plus, you are setting yourself up for a global, connected future in which you can travel, work and live in English-speaking countries across the world.