About these courses

DSE Exam Preparation Courses S6

Specially designed for candidates taking the DSE exam English Language paper this academic year. You will develop exam skills and strategies for tackling all four papers – Reading, Writing, Listening and Integrated Skills and Speaking – through challenging activities. Individualised feedback will be given to maximise your marks in the exam.

On these courses, you will

  • participate in Individual Response and Group Interaction speaking exam practice tasks, to help you learn the skills of generating ideas and turn-taking
  • learn common elements of the reading exams like how to identify and use synonyms and antonyms
  • learn techniques to remember new vocabulary, such as adverb-adjective combinations and adjective-noun combinations, to improve your writing
  • receive personalised feedback on your individual performance and development.

DSE Foundation Course S6

This course will develop your ability to express yourself and understand texts on a range of exam topics through challenging activities. You will build up your vocabulary and grammar with DSE exam tasks, and your teacher will offer personalised feedback on your individual performance to help you improve.

With this course, you will

  • learn about how to avoid common grammatical mistakes, such as problems with articles and superlatives
  • expand  vocabulary related to common exam topics like nature, space, city life, the future, technology and sports
  • learn how to use headings, sub-headings, sections and supporting sentences to organise the content and support your main ideas when writing
  • practise listening and note-taking skills and answer reading-paper-style questions, such as ordering items
  • receive personalised feedback on your individual performance and development.

An English entry test will determine which one of these courses students will attend.

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Learning outcomes

DSE Exam Preparation Courses S6

  • Feel confident in all four papers
    You will learn techniques, strategies and useful vocabulary and expressions for each paper of the exam, so as to be confident in answering different questions types.
  • Improve your performance 
    You will develop listening, comprehension and note-taking skills with individual feedback on your performance from your teacher. You will understand your strengths as well as what you need to improve.

DSE Foundation Course S6

  • A clearer understanding of grammar and vocabulary necessary for your studies and exams
  • Practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • More confidence expressing yourself in English

Timetable and course fee

Course starts in:September / February

Course length:19 weeks, 38 hours. One 2-hour lesson per week

Course fee:HK$5,300 (Mon-Fri), HK$5,800(Sat&Sun) (HK$140 - HK$153 per hour)

Special offer:5% off with selected credit card and enjoy 6-month interest free instalment when registering with designated credit cards. 

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