About these courses

DSE Exam Preparation Courses S6

These courses are for candidates taking the DSE English Language exam this academic year. You will develop exam skills and strategies for tackling all four papers – Reading, Writing, Listening and Integrated Skills and Speaking – through completing challenging activities in magazines based on the eight DSE electives: 

  • Sports Communication
  • Drama 
  • Poems and Songs
  • Debating
  • Short Stories
  • Popular Culture
  • Workplace Communication
  • Social Issues

On these courses, you will

  • become confident in answering different question types in each paper of the DSE by learning techniques, strategies and useful vocabulary and expressions 
  • be equipped with effective listening, reading comprehension and note-taking skills
  • complete a free mock exam for all four papers by the end of the February term and receive personal feedback on your performance as well as areas that require development.

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Learning outcomes

DSE Exam Preparation Courses S6

Paper 1 – Reading

  • Learn techniques for responding to common tasks in the reading exam
  • Identify meaning of words and phrases in context and evaluate different viewpoints in a range of texts

Paper 2 – Writing

  • Write texts for different contexts, audiences and purposes
  • Express ideas effectively by using varied vocabulary and language patterns

Paper 3 – Listening & Integrated Skills

Part A

  • Paraphrase key information to record answers accurately
  • Predict the form of answers based on headings and prompts
  • Identify key details by identifying distractors and signposts

Part B

  • Paraphrase, summarise, skim and scan to extract key information
  • Interpret tables, charts and graphs

Paper 4 – Speaking

Group Interaction

  • Maintain spoken interaction using appropriate communication strategies, such as opening a discussion and asking for opinions
  • Participate in speaking exam practice tasks to help you learn the skills of generating ideas and turn-taking

Individual Response

  • Produce coherent and organised responses with clearly presented ideas
  • Iearn strategies for gaining thinking time and for dealing with follow-up questions

Timetable and course fee

Course starts in:September / February

Course fee and course length:  

Please refer to the timetable (PDF) at the bottom of the page for details.

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