Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Communicating with clients and colleagues in a more professional way helps to build trust and achieve better results. Learn about different communication styles and discover easy-to-use tools and techniques to adapt your style, build key relationships and achieve your career goals.

Success with Presentations

Presenting an idea in a persuasive and professional way can change the course of your career. Increase the quality of your work by learning how to plan, structure and deliver your presentation so that you can communicate your ideas persuasively and engage with your audience in a calm and confident manner.

Delivering Service Excellence 

Develop the skills and behaviours necessary to exceed customer expectations. Learn how to map the customer journey and examine how it can be improved. Practise techniques that focus on proactively seeking out and understanding customers’ needs and expectations, aiding the management of customer complaints and recovery from service problems.

Advanced Presentation Skills 

Take your presentation skills to the next level and learn how to deliver engaging presentations even in challenging situations.

Effective Public Speaking Skills

Develop your confidence and skills so that you can give speeches in a range of public speaking situations.

Effective Negotiation Skills

Learn how to negotiate in a way that builds relationships and leaves both sides happy with the final result.

Networking and Relationship-building

Learn tips and techniques to network with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Positive Influencing Skills

Develop your ability to sell your ideas, win resources and get others to take action.

Train the Trainer

This extremely practical workshop provides trainers, managers, supervisors and HR staff with techniques to engage their learners.

Time and Stress Management

Learn strategies to manage your tasks, yourself and others.