IELTS exam preparation (Academic module)

About this course

Our IELTS preparation courses give you the confidence and skills to get the results you need in the IELTS exam. If you intend to study or work where English is the language of communication, IELTS will give you an excellent measure of your skills.

IELTS Language Preparation  

Our IELTS Language preparation courses are separated into 3 levels. These courses develop your language competency with a focus on exam techniques and skills. You will be introduced to and thoroughly practise the language skills and exam techniques for all aspects of the IELTS exam, from recognised course books specific to your needs.

IELTS Exam Skills Modular

Specifically designed for Hong Kong learners, this modular course consists of four modules – Speaking, Reading & Listening, Academic Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. You can focus on the particular skill you need to develop or take all four six-hour modules. 

IELTS Exam Skills One Day Workshop 

Learn practical and simple techniques just before your IELTS exam to help you achieve your best score. This intensive six-hour day of study has speaking and reading in the morning session and listening and writing in the afternoon. 

IELTS full mock exam (NEW) 

Get the most authentic exam experience in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in our new IELTS full mock exam. You will receive 1-to-1 personalised post-mock exam feedback and help from our IELTS experts on how to improve your performance in all the key areas of the exam. Learn more in the ‘IELTS Full Mock Exam’ section. 

On our courses, you will:

  • receive tips, practice and feedback to go into the test fully prepared for the challenges ahead
  • look at authentic exam papers to practice and explore each exam area
  • maximise your potential score with useful language and vocabulary specific to the exam 
  • feel confident in answering questions quickly and effectively by developing an awareness of common topics and question types 
  • learn with British Council IELTS experts who are trained to help you realise your potential.
  • receive an IELTS full mock exam with feedback and comments from trained IELTS professionals.

English level requirement

Intermediate and above

Where is this course taught?

Registration procedures

IELTS Language Preparation  

Find out how to register and book a English entry test here.

IELTS Exam Skills Modular & IELTS Exam Skills One Day Workshop 

English level requirement:

Intermediate and above

Register now using our Online Registration System.

IELTS mock exam (NEW) 

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Before proceeding to the online registration, please have the following items available:

  1. A valid ID document or passport.
  2. A valid VISA card or MasterCard for online payment.

Important notes for online registration:

  1. You have to complete the whole registration process including online payment within 20 minutes. The time slot you hold will be automatically released after 20 minutes if we cannot receive your payment.
  2. Places are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. The application will only be processed with all the necessary items.
  4. Change of workshop date is only allowed BEFORE the class/workshop day at British Council, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong.
  5. Refunds are only possible if the workshop is cancelled and places can only be guaranteed once payment has been made.
  6. IELTS Exam Skills Modular and IELTS Exam Skills One Day Workshop are not recommended for people under the age of 16.


IELTS Full Mock Exam (NEW)

Sign up for the full IELTS mock exam and get in-depth personalised feedback on your performance from one of our trained IELTS professionals. As well as a full exam experience we will also give you the Official IELTS Practice Materials free (valued at HK$250)! 

In this mock exam, you will:

  • get the most authentic exam experience in Listening, Academic Reading, Academic Writing and Speaking
  • receive 1-to-1 personalised post-mock exam feedback and help from our IELTS experts on how to improve your performance in all the key areas of the exam
  • get a free Official IELTS Practice Materials after the exam (valued at HK$250).

Mock exam arrangement

Day 1 Day 2
Listening (30 minutes) Speaking + 1-to-1 feedback session 
(1 hour 30 minutes)
Academic Reading (1 hour)
Academic Writing (1 hour)

Mock exam fee

Discount price: HK$990* (Original price: HK$1,980)

* Offer is applicable for existing students who registered for IELTS Exam Skills Modular (4 Modules) or IELTS Language Preparation (57 hours). Terms and conditions apply. 

IELTS Language Preparation

English level requirement:

Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

IELTS Language Preparation timetable and course fee

July-August Summer course

Hours per week:9 hours

Fee:HK$6,280 (54 hours in total)


9-week intensive course

Course starts in:September / November / February / May

Hours per week:6 hours

Fee:HK$6,700 (57 hours in total)


18-week course

Course starts in:September / February

Hours per week:3 hours

Fee:HK$6,700 (57 hours in total)    


Download the timetable at the bottom of this page