1. 不要直接稱呼別人的名字

    應使用「To whom it may concern」 或稱呼別人的姓氏,如「Dear Mr Wong」

  2. 於內容首句以公式的語調解釋書寫原因

    如投訴信可使用「I am writing to complain about…」、邀請信可使用「Our company is delighted to invite you to…」、批准申請信可使用「We are pleased to inform you that we have approved your application for…」


  1. 可直接稱呼別人的名字或暱稱,以給予親切及友好的感覺

    如「Hi Grandma! 」 、「Dear Siu Ming, 」 及「Michael,」

  2. 於入正題時先問候對方或禮貌地問好

    除了使用簡單的「How are you?」,可參考以下例子:

    「I hope you’re well. How are the cats? Has Bella had her kittens yet?... Anyway, I’m writing to ask whether or not you’re free this summer…」

    「Hi! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote – school has been really busy! … I just wanted to find out if you’re still interested in the camping trip…」

    「How are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while so I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on in Australia. … Tell me what’s happening with you! How’s your internship at the biomedical company going?... 」