Adult English course student testimonials

Student testimonials

Our Adult English courses can improve your English language skills and enable you to communicate confidently whatever the occasion, regardless of your reasons for learning English. Let’s see what students say about our courses.


'myClass has changed my life and become part of my life. I have now got the courage to communicate in English. My face used to turn red when I chatted with foreigners in English. I hardly had any foreign friends. Having studied with myClass, I have since tried to make friends with foreigners actively in classes or out of classes. myClass has broadened my social circle. I have been able to get to know a lot of classmates from different parts of Hong Kong society, which has helped me know much more about Hong Kong. So in addition to studying, I sometimes have get-togethers with my new friends. As a civil servant, I must master English in order to get promoted. myClass has equipped me with useful speaking skills that allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge, leadership skills and analysis abilities to a promotion board in English. Board members were well impressed and I successfully got that promotion last year!'

Henry Lau – myClass student, upper intermediate level

'I never imagined where myClass would take me when I first started, but I know learning English was a good way to equip myself for the future world. After a few months, I successfully landed a plum job at a prestigious local university. But while I have my dream job, I keep going to myClass. The diversity of myClass topics and making friends with classmates who come from different parts of the world have certainly broadened my knowledge.  Not only am I getting more knowledgeable but also my social circle is expanding! My life has changed so much – because of myClass.'

Winter Chui – myClass student, upper intermediate level

‘myClass has strengthened my grammar and range of vocabulary. The class exercises are very practical as these are based on real-life situations. I can easily apply what I learnt to my workplace. I am more confident in communicating in English now!’

Chris Yuen – myClass student, pre-intermediate level


‘I have been studying in myClass for almost three years. The teachers are professional and patient. I have learnt a variety of English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The free myClub social activities allow me to meet friends from all over the world and give me an extra chance to practise my English. I can now use what I have learnt with confidence!’

Ruthia Ip - myClass student, intermediate level

‘The flexibility of myClass allows me to select lessons that suit me best based on my needs and schedule. Teachers are professional and have a sense of humour. They always encourage us to speak more, listen more and share our thoughts. This has greatly improved my communication skills and confidence.’

Janet Hsu – myClass student, intermediate level

Course features:

  • You can select the time, location, teacher and topic of each lesson according to your schedule and needs
  • 100% face-to-face teaching by highly-qualified teachers with native-level proficiency in English
  • 136 topics on workplace, social and everyday-life English
  • Fun and dynamic myClub social activities to help you practise English in everyday scenarios

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‘The class is fun and relaxing. Teachers take good care of students of different needs and progress and correct our mistakes during the class, which builds up my confidence. I enjoy the class very much! My English is progressing and I am no longer afraid of English!’

Jasmine Lee – myFoundation student

‘myFoundation provides a good learning environment, and each class is taught by teachers with native-level proficiency in English. There are a lot of opportunities to interact and discuss with others in class. My English pronunciation has improved a lot and I am more confident in speaking English.’

Wesley Leung – myFoundation student

Course features:

  • Focus on pronunciation to improve your confidence
  • Build a solid foundation of English, especially in grammar and vocabulary
  • Constant engagement in authentic communication in class
  • Complete regular assessed tasks with real-life communicative outcomes to monitor your progress

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Book a free English level test today! Conducted by professional English consultants, our English level test thoroughly assesses your English language knowledge and abilities. We will help you select the most suitable course and class for your English level and needs to optimise your learning experience in the best possible environment.