Louise Soloway Chan, Artist for Sai Ying Pun Station

Event Title: Going Underground: the hidden influence of mass transit in creating successful cities
Who: MTR Corporation Limited with Oren Tatcher and Louise Soloway Chan
Theme: Creative Cities
Genre: Panel discussion/thought leadership event
Location: JC Cube Auditorium
Age group: 12+
Registration required: Yes

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18/01/2019 11.00 - 12.30 Click here to register

What will the built environment look like in the future and what skills will be required to create it?

Architects, artists and public transport consultants explore what future physical spaces will look like; how new technologies will impact urban, engineering and architectural design; the importance of ‘good’ design in ensuring that people relate positively to the urban environment; the role of aesthetics, open space and colour in the design of public, functional buildings such as railway stations or shopping malls; and how construction professions successfully combine ‘hard’ technical skills with softer design thinking to create liveable spaces.

Speakers include:

  • Louise Soloway Chan, Artist for Sai Ying Pun Station
  • Eric Lee, General Manager, Public Affairs, MTR
  • Andrew Mead, Chief Architect (ARBUK), MTR
  • Oren Tatcher, Principal, OTC Planning and Design
  • Moderator and Lead: Gillian Meller, Legal and European Business Director, MTR

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