At the British Council International Pre-School, we believe that parents are central to our approach. Our global experience tells us that children have more chance of being successful with their learning when teachers and parents work together. Parents are encouraged to get involved in school activities and communicate with us frequently in these ways: 

Parental Involvement

  • Joint-parent activities such as open days, sports day, seminars, parents’ workshops, coffee mornings, reading schemes, and more
  • Volunteering their help.

Parental Communications

  • Emails, letters, phone calls and visits by appointment
  • Messages through the student handbook.

What do our parents think of us?

Parents of Adam Broadstock (K1)

My wife and I are so impressed with the British Council International Pre-School in Hong Kong. The staff are all friendly and talented teachers, and they get along with Adam so well. Adam enjoys going to school, and is always talking about his teacher at home. He sees the teachers as friends!

We have been surprised by the range of events and activities that the school promotes, from the Christmas and New Year celebrations, to in-class birthday parties and notable events from different cultures – our son enjoyed the Diwali celebrations deeply!

As an Englishman, I was of course very happy to enroll our son in the school, but in all truth, in the heart of Hong Kong, Chinese language and culture immerses you. But much deeper than this, our son comes home and sings songs that I had almost forgotten from my youth.

Adam loves the school very much! It is a great school that we would strongly recommend to all parents in Hong Kong!

Parents of Wesley Ma (K1)

Our son, Wesley, is a happy boy. We trust he needs a school that can help him acquire a love for learning by having a deep and varied curriculum. We are so thankful to have put Wesley in the British Council International Pre-School.

The school is fully bilingual and truly international. To us, the school is like a second family. I would highly recommend this school to any parents looking for a happy learning environment for their children. This is a school that is well-resourced, academically sound and has appropriate class sizes, with excellent and supportive teachers. We wish all the best to the school and its continuous success in its leadership in early childhood education.

Parents of Richard Yee (K2)

We would like to thank the British Council International Pre-School. The principal, their teachers and team of staff love our children so much. Their curriculum is well-organised with respect to teaching students to be bi-literate and tri-lingual. We are being informed weekly about what our children have learnt in the classroom and it helps us a lot to review the content with them at home.

In order to better experience the spirit of home-school cooperation, the school also arranges a wide range of parent-child activities. For example, the school picnic at the beach gave us an opportunity to get close to nature; visiting the home for the elderly and performing songs and dances taught our children to respect and care for elderly people, and inviting parents to school to celebrate the Thanksgiving and the Christmas festivals, making food and playing together. All these activities give a wonderful campus life to our children and let them study and grow up joyfully. 

Parents of Evan Tse (K2)

Our son Evan is currently a K2 student at British Council International Pre-school.  This being his first time in formal schooling, I have noticed how much he has developed both physically and mentally ever since he started studying at this school.

Evan enjoys telling us with excitement every day how much fun he has at school, playing games, doing exercises in the gym area, and learning arts and crafts in the creativity corner. I hear him at home singing songs that he has learnt at school in English, Putonghua and Cantonese. I am surprised at how many different aspects of his surroundings he has learnt. Evan's change from being shy, not knowing how to hold a pencil, to being active and outgoing, able to develop skills in learning how to write, has really amazed me.

Evan loves his teachers, who are all loving, kind, patient and attentive to his needs and development. Thanks to the principal, teachers and team at school, he has learnt to be much more independent, loving and social towards his classmates. Speaking for myself, a special bond and friendship has also developed among the school teachers and team and parents through frequent communication as well as various school outings and events.

Seeing Evan wearing a smile on his face every day when he comes out from the school gate is always a highlight of the day! We are truly blessed to witness Evan spend his childhood learning in such a great school.