The British Council International Pre-school

We are an independent British bicultural and bilingual school owned by the British Council and registered in Hong Kong as a non-profit making school.

Vision and mission

We aim to provide bilingual and bicultural education for children:

  • To ensure all students develop as global citizens with an international perspective
  • To create a positive environment, striving for excellence in all areas of study, and a range of carefully planned, stimulating learning activities
  • To help children develop a respect for their own cultural identity as well as those of others.

We will help every child fulfil their true potential.

We will provide a happy, secure and healthy learning environment.

We will work together with parents to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Our values 

Caring: Children perform at their best when they are in a caring, nurturing environment. 

Loyalty: Within their school community, students have responsibilities to each other, support each other and are loyal to each other. 

Flexibility: In a rapidly changing world, the future is uncertain. We encourage students to embrace opportunities and to open doors to new possibilities.

Resilience: Successful young people are confident that they can overcome adversity. That’s why we focus on building resilience.

Challenge: We encourage students to take on and overcome challenges, constantly achieving higher goals and progressing in all aspects of their development.