Jockey Club CREATE (Curriculum Resources in English Arts and Teacher Enrichment)

Would your school like to take part in a project to:

  • develop and support your senior secondary students’ English language skills?
  • develop your flexibility in the classroom?
  • adapt your classroom materials more effectively?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to take part in a free training and mentoring programme to develop your creativity in the classroom and ultimately engage and inspire your students.


The project’s objectives are to:

  • offer professional teacher development to innovate English Language Arts course design and delivery
  • inspire and support less advanced students in the English language classroom
  • provide meaningful teacher mentoring, observation and feedback
  • develop materials that incorporate and encourage core skills building and increased social responsibility
  • strengthen each school’s English work plans with language arts tasks and compile the resources into a Creative Education Guide

Teacher Development Workshops

The training offered will consist of four-three hour workshops in:

  • journalism
  • filmmaking
  • performing arts
  • visual arts

Curriculum Mapping

The training will be mapped to the EDB English Language Curriculum – Language Arts Modules:

  • Learning English through Drama (mapped to filmmaking/performing arts)
  • Learning English through Poems and Songs (mapped to filmmaking/performing arts/visual arts)
  • Learning English through Popular Culture (mapped to journalism/visual arts)
  • Learning English through Short Stories (mapped to filmmaking/performing arts/visual arts)

Mentoring Programme

A British Council Trainer will provide consultation for each teacher on integrating language arts curriculum resources and core skills into their current English lesson work plan. This will include:

  • briefing and planning 
  • co-teaching a lesson or a class observation
  • feedback between the trainer and teacher

Creative Education Guide

Each participating teacher will be required to devise one new creative education task and accompanying materials/media with a focus on journalism, filmmaking, performing arts and visual arts. All the lesson materials created by teachers throughout the project will be published as a hardcopy Creative Education Guide and made available to other secondary schools/institutions citywide.

Sharing session and showcase

At the end of each year, the teachers will come together for a sharing session at the British Council. Teachers will be able to introduce and demonstrate some of the tasks and materials they have produced. 

In addition there will be a a showcase event of student work from all our participating schools. Teachers/school representatives, students, the British Council team, industry professionals and Hong Kong Jockey Club representatives will be present. Schools will be invited to submit entries of their students’ best work based on lesson deliverables from this creative education programme. These could include news reports, short films, performances and more. Prizes will be awarded to the best student/school work. 


The timeline for schools is as follows:

Project launch event March 2017
Workshops at British Council October 2017 - June 2018
Teacher mentoring October 2017 - June 2018
Year-end teacher sharing session June 2018