Sunday 24 October 2021 - 09.15 to Sunday 14 November 2021 - 16.00

Attend our demonstration classes on 24 October (Tsuen Wan) and 14 November (Whampoa) to experience our English-only environment and unique teaching methodology, and understand how our English courses help prepare your child for their academic studies and school exams in the new academic year. The classes are designed for P1 to S4 new students and their parents. We are pleased to offer you the following activities:

  • Primary English demonstration classes (P1P6)
    Children can experience how our courses help strengthen their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and develop life skills such as creativity and higher-order thinking in an English-only environment through task-based learning. Parents can observe the classes and find out about our unique teaching methodology. 
  • Secondary English demonstration classes (S1–S4)
    Students can experience how our courses help them to improve their English skills and obtain useful question-answering skills and strategies for tackling exams from our experienced teachers through discussion of daily-life topics. Parents can observe the classes and find out about our unique teaching methodology. 
  • English level tests (P1–S4)
    We offer both written and speaking tests. Our professional English Service Consultants will assess students’ English abilities and results will be given on the same day. The test is available to new students who have not taken our English entry test in the last six months.
  • Parents’ information sessions (P1–S4)
    Parents will learn how our courses can complement their child’s English learning at their school. We will also provide advice on how to help their children at home with English.
  • Course consultations and special discounts on course registration*
    Our professional English Service Consultants will present our course details to you and help you select the most suitable course. You can also enjoy a special offer* on our courses on the day of the demonstration classes.

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Tsuen Wan English Language Centre
Sunday 24 October 2021

Open to: P2 to S4 new students and their parents
Address: Wong Siu Ching Secondary School, 2 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan 

P2        9.15–11.45/14.45–17.15
P3–P4 11.45–14.15 
P5–P6 13.15–15.45
S1–S2 10.30–13.00
S3–S4 14.45–17.15

Whampoa English Language Centre
Sunday 14 November 2021

Open to: P1 to P6 new students and their parents
Address: Whampoa - Alliance Primary School, 21 Tak Fung Street, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom

P1-P2    9.45-12.15
P3-P4 11.15-13.45 
P5-P6 13.30-16.00

*Terms and conditions apply.

Activities are held in English, are free of charge, and available only with advance registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Each parent can register each child for one session. If a parent registers a child for more than one session, only the latest registration record will be valid. Parents are required to register their children according to their level at school, and have to verify that the information they enter is correct. The British Council may cancel, without notice, any child’s registration in the case of missing or incorrect information. Due to the large number of participants, there may be delays to the schedule or a change of arrangement. Please take this into consideration when planning your time on the day. 

To ensure your child’s health and safety, we have put some measures in place.
Health and travel declaration: no one will be allowed to join the classes without a completed Health and Travel Declaration form.
Temperature checks: please check temperature at home in advance. A temperature of 37.3°C is not acceptable and anyone with this temperature or above will not be allowed to join the classes. We will also check the body temperature of all visitors and staff upon entry to our teaching centres.
Masks: masks must be worn upon entering our teaching centres. Parents (or guardians) and students must wear a mask in class. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will not be allowed to join the classes.