our teachers

Who are our teachers?

We have teachers from a range of countries, not just the UK. We believe that this diversity brings great value to us as an organisation and also to you, our customers and students.

Friendly and supportive

Our team of over 110 teachers in Hong Kong is trained to help students achieve their goals. What all of our teachers share is a commitment to quality education and the skills, experience and training which will help them deliver on that commitment.

Internationally qualified 

All British Council teachers are experienced and internationally qualified. In addition to a first degree, they all hold professional teaching qualifications.

Experienced and up-to-date

The British Council has been helping students around the world for over 80 years, and remains at the forefront of English language teaching. Our teachers receive continuous professional development on employing the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and technologies for teaching modern, real-life English.

Meet some of our teachers

Paul Culligan

Head of Young Learners

  • 15 years’ experience in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, EAP, TESOL and teaching English.

Monica Goh

Senior Teacher Very Young Learners

  • 23 years’ experience in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Certificate in teaching English to Young Learners
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (Level 3) qualifications.

Rebecca Frith

Senior Teacher Primary

  • 7 years’ experience in Hong Kong and Japan
  • Certificate and Diploma in teaching English
  • Certificate in teaching English to Young Learners

Sally Watson

Senior Teacher Secondary

  • 9 years’ experience teaching English in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore 
  • 5 years’ experience teaching Science in UK secondary schools
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UK), Post Graduate Diploma TESOL

Amanda Greenhalgh

Senior Teacher, Holiday Intensive Courses

  • 16 years' experience in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia
  • Certificate and Diploma in teaching English.

Taliesin Porter

Head of Adults

  • 20 years’ experience teaching English to Adult learners in Hungary, the UK, and Vietnam
  • 10 years’ experience in Educational Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching English to Adults
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Management in TESOL

Simon Lawfull

Senior Teacher Adults 

  • Over 8 years’ experience in Hong Kong, the UK, Spain, Vietnam and Australia
  • Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • Diploma and Certificate in English Language Teaching
  • Certificate in Academic Management