About this course

This is a comprehensive, intensive course for candidates taking the DSE exam English Language paper this academic year. We offer:

  • 1-on-1 personalised feedback
  • a mock exam, with paper marking and analysis
  • exam question analysis
  • free weekly drop-in consultation sessions to provide advice and support.

Paper 1 – Reading

You will:

  • identify the contextual meaning of words and phrases
  • distinguish and evaluate views, attitudes and arguments in complex texts

Paper 2 – Writing

You will:

  • write texts for different contexts, audiences and purposes 
  • convey ideas effectively by using varied vocabulary and language patterns

Paper 3 – Listening and Integrated Skills

Part A

You will:

  • paraphrase key information to record answers accurately
  • predict the form of answers based on headings and prompts
  • identify the key details by identifying distractors and signposts

Part B

You will:

  • paraphrase, summarise, skim and scan to extract key information 
  • interpret tables, charts and graphs

Paper 4 - Speaking

Group Interaction

You will:

  • maintain spoken exchanges using appropriate communication strategies, such as opening a discussion and asking for opinions

Individual Response

You will:

  • produce coherent and organised responses with clearly presented ideas 
  • learn strategies for gaining thinking time and for dealing with follow-up questions

Where is this course taught?

Learning outcomes

Prepare for exam day

Receive tips and practise techniques to boost your exam performance.

Improve your English while you practise

Maximise your potential score with useful vocabulary and language patterns for writing and speaking.

Understand how exams are designed

Feel confident in answering questions quickly and effectively by developing an awareness of common topics and question types.

Who are the teachers?

Who are the teachers?

  • Experienced in teaching secondary school students and familiar with the DSE and other similar exams
  • Teachers include qualified secondary school teachers with international and local degrees in education

Timetable and course fee

Course fee and course length:  

Please refer to the timetable (PDF) at the bottom of the page for details.

New students need to take an English level test and achieve at least a pre-intermediate level in order to take the course.