What is myClub?

myClub is a free active extra-curricular programme for myClass students. It’s a great opportunity to improve your communication skills and meet more myClass students and teachers. Each month there is a wide range of language-based, cultural and social events which can help you practise your English in a friendly, inclusive, and stimulating environment.

Learn more with myClub

Excellent opportunity for communication

Learning a language takes practice, so that’s why it’s important to use English as often as you can. Come to Debate Club, or Everyday English, and practise your speaking skills while making new friends.

Become a better student

myClub Study Skills sessions are designed to help you make the most of myClass. Learn how to become a more effective learner and make faster progress by employing some of our study techniques.

Ace a job interview

myClub Business Skills sessions prepare you for real-life business situations. Sign up for Interview Success and learn different strategies to tackle any job interview. Come to Business Correspondence and write emails with confidence.

Brush up on your grammar and pronunciation 

Grammar Doctor and Pronunciation Doctor sessions will help you focus on those areas of language you need additional support in. Targeted focus in these areas helps you to maximise your progress.

Stay up to date with the news and develop your interests

Do you watch the news in English? It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary while learning about the issues that matter. Come to In the News and discuss current events with our teachers and your fellow students. 

Be confident when socializing in English

Join a Friday Social session or come to one of our external events and practise your English in real-life situations. Develop your confidence and expand your social and professional network with new friends from different countries and backgrounds.


*Terms and conditions apply.