myClass provides you with a clear path of assessment and progression throughout your English learning journey. Our professional student care team of teachers, English Services Consultants, and Student Advisors is here to support you at all stages, helping you to see the progress you are making.

  • Join an Induction lesson with our Student Advisors to learn useful study tips so that you can use the learning resources effectively, and know how to choose the lessons that best suit your needs
  • Get regular feedback in class from your teacher on your language and performance
  • Receive formal assessment on your ability to use the language you are learning in communicative tasks, taking place approximately every ten lessons for a 60-lesson course
  • Track your progress, with assessment results uploaded directly to your student portal 
  • Use our myConsultation service, where you can book one-to-one sessions with your student advisor to review your progress and get support in meeting your study goals


*Terms and conditions apply.