About this course

Develop your writing skills and learn to write correctly, clearly and concisely, making your writing better understood by your readers.

On this course, you will:

  • Learn practical skills to improve all aspects of your writing such as developing ideas, accurate sentence construction and paragraphing
  • Apply the skills learned in class through extensive practice
  • Receive feedback and tips from your teacher on how to further develop your writing
  • Develop grammatical knowledge as well as understand different types of writing appropriate for your needs.

English level requirement

Pre-intermediate to Upper Intermediate


Where is this course taught?

Why this course?

Whether you are studying, working or staying in touch with friends, clear and correct English is important to make a good impression.

Develop your skills

Each unit teaches a different writing skill, helping you focus your attention on developing the skill fully.

Real life writing

Learn to adapt your writing to suit a range of styles including: instructions, blogs, email, letters, short reports and articles to help you feel confident with the English you use in everyday life.

Monitor your progress

Work with your teacher to identify areas of strength and weakness in your writing and receive constructive feedback through regular written tasks to see your improvement.

Learn with peers

Get and give helpful advice in a class of like-minded people with a range of backgrounds and experiences to really help your writing develop.

Timetable and course fee

Course starts in:September / February

Course length:19 weeks, 57 hours. One 3-hour lesson per week  

Course fee:HK$7,700 (HK$135 per hour)

Enjoy 6-month interest free instalment when registering with designated credit cards. 

Download the timetable at the bottom of this page