**To support efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you can now choose to take our English level test at home or at our English Language Centre. When making your online booking, you are still required to pick a centre for the test. After completing the booking, we will contact you to confirm where you would like to take the test.**  

Improve personal performance and communication skills in a range of common workplace themes. Designed for the Hong Kong market, we have eight 12-hour modules to suit your needs.

See immediate results

See great improvements in specific areas of business. Choose the most relevant course to enhance your performance, develop confidence and improve your communication skills at work.

Benefit from practical content

Put new skills into action instantly through realistic communicative activities, case studies and action plans to use back at your workplace. 

English level requirement

Intermediate and above 


The eight modules come under two main streams - written communication and interpersonal communication. Check out the details of the modules at the bottom of this page.

Written communication

Write better and more effectively to improve your standing at work.

Choose from our focused modules.

Business Correspondence

Giving you a basic understanding of modern business writing, this module will enable you to plan, adapt and edit various types of documents more effectively and professionally for different audiences and situations. 

Grammar for Business

Focus on traditional areas of difficulty for Hong Kong users of English.You will discover how to avoid grammatical errors and write clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

Business Reports that Work

Understand the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking your business reports to create a professional image and save time.

Proposals that Work

Develop your persuasive writing skills in order to produce proposals that address your readers’ needs, have a logical structure and use language that meets expectations and convinces those who matter.

Interpersonal communication

Improve communication with your clients and colleagues.

Choose from our focused modules.

Success with Presentations

A full understanding of how to prepare, organise and deliver more powerful presentations. This module demonstrates techniques for creating interest and impact that reflect the positive style and personality of the speaker and helps you influence important clients and key roles within your organisation.

Effective Public Speaking

Gain the skills you need to give effective speeches with greater confidence. This module explores techniques for preparing and delivering talks, as well as exploring ways to engage your audience on a wide range of occasions.

Making Meetings Work

A communicative module focusing on the responsibilities of all participants – preparation, planning and timing – which will help you to communicate with greater confidence with people of many personality types. It also covers the special skills needed to positively influence meetings so that you are productive as an individual as well as within the organisation, leading to a satisfactory outcome for all.

Say it Clearly

We will help you improve your pronunciation, tone, pace and pausing by highlighting particular problem areas for Hong Kong speakers of English. You will communicate with greater confidence and professionalism to improve understanding with your colleagues and customers, and be ready to represent your organisation in an international environment.

Timetable and course fee

Please download the timetable at the bottom of this page.

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