Written communication

Write better and more effectively and improve your organisation’s image and performance.

Business Correspondence

Gain a basic understanding of modern business writing. This module enables you to plan, adapt and edit various types of documents more effectively and professionally for different audiences and situations. 

Grammar for Business

Discover how to avoid grammatical errors and write clearly to avoid misunderstandings. This module focuses on traditional areas of difficulty for Hong Kong users of English.

Business Reports that Work

Understand the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking your business reports to create a professional image and save time.

Proposals that Work

Enhance your persuasive writing skills in order to produce proposals that address your readers’ needs, have a logical structure and use language that meets expectations and convinces those who matter.

Minute Taking

Develop all the skills needed to take logical and comprehensive minutes on the important topics in a meeting giving you the confidence to listen and write what must be recorded.