Written communication

Join us to practise and polish your writing skills, while receiving expert feedback from one of our dedicated trainers. We will also introduce tools and techniques that you can immediately apply at work. 

Better Emails

Writing effective emails gives you the ability to achieve goals and build good relationships with colleagues and clients. Learn how to plan, organise, write and edit your emails in order to communicate more effectively and enhance productivity at work. 

Grammar Foundations

Communicating accurately with stakeholders is key to projecting a professional image. Review the fundamentals of English grammar through interesting and informative learning activities designed to improve your accuracy. Build confidence through the increased precision and clarity of your written and spoken communication.

Business Writing Essentials

Develop the six main skills to help you write all kinds of documents more effectively and professionally. Learn how to plan, write and edit documents following the conventions of modern business writing. Produce clear, concise and coherent texts that avoid miscommunication. Write using reader-friendly language and appropriate levels of formality to build good relationships with your audience. 

Advanced Business Writing

Enhance credibility and effectiveness by taking your business writing skills to the next level. Consider the more challenging areas of modern business writing.

Minutes of Meetings

Take the stress out of note-taking and minute-writing by learning approaches to write clearer, briefer and more accurate minutes.

Proofread to Perfection

Learn a systematic process of proofreading that will raise accuracy and readability to new heights.

Reports that Work

Develop the essential skills for planning, structuring, writing and checking all of your reports at work.