SPARK 2021

Welcome to SPARK, a place for creativity, collaboration and visionary thinking. A British Council online festival, SPARK celebrates connections and inclusion in our communities and offers a platform for cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the UK across arts, education and the English language. It will take place on 20-23 October 2021.

Call for proposals for SPARK 

The British Council is currently inviting creative proposals for SPARK from individuals and organisations in the UK and Hong Kong that explore connections across cultures, celebrate the theme of inclusion, are accessible and reach diverse audiences. 

All proposals should be able to be showcased or accessed digitally during and after SPARK. Each proposal should be a partnership between UK and Hong Kong organisations or individuals. They should stimulate truly global conversations around inclusion and diversity, and bring people from all walks of life across cultures and communities together to understand each other’s perspectives. They should also be as low-carbon and environmentally friendly as possible.

To find out more and submit a proposal, please complete the online form OR download the form here and submit via email.  

For more information, please contact

This call closes on 4 June 2021.

SPARK 2019

The inaugural SPARK festival took place in 2019, attracting over 14,000 visitors to Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts from 18-20 January 2019.

SPARK brought together over 200 artists, scientists and academics from Hong Kong and the UK from over 50 arts and education organisations presenting 40 events in a vibrant platform for cultural exchange. A schools’ outreach programme ran alongside the main events and best of all, it was all FREE!

Festival-goers became superheroes, travelled through time, played music with lasers and controlled a sci-fi thriller with their brains! 

For more information, visit SPARK 2019 webpage and watch the video here